We Want Your Vodka, Not Your Attitude

Posted: February 25, 2011 by VT in Daily Ramblings

Dive Bar Diva has been posting a lot about douchebag customers. But sometimes it’s the bartender who’s pissy. Case in point …

DBD and I went to an Atlanta gay establishment. We were there to see the midnight drag show. We walked in and headed straight (oops, gaily forward) to the dance floor. After three or four songs, we were getting a bit overheated. One of us — I think it was me — had the bright idea that we should take our shirts off and dance in our bras. Seemed like an absolutely fabulous idea at the time because:

1. We were both wearing great bras.
2. We were both cocktailed.
3. We were in a gay bar, for crying out loud. And not a high-class one, either. (It was one of those places I would describe as “somewhat sketchy.”) So who’s gonna look? Or care?

After shaking our groove things, we desperately needed a cold drink. But the boy behind the bar was more interested in serving attitude than vodka.

He looked at us both standing there — slightly sweaty in our undergarments — waved his finger, and said in a snotty, high-pitched voice, “YOU need to put your shirts back on.”

To which the Dive Bar Diva replied, “YOU need to shut up and make us a drink.”

And you know what? He did.

  1. divebardiva says:

    Oh my god…that was the best night EVER…and he was just bitter because we arrived with a ridiculous amount of hot gay men as our entourage…at least we got our drinks and he was in enough eyesight that we knew he didn’t spit in or soap and visine our glasses 🙂

  2. Kelly King says:

    and it was “You better WHAT…..shut up and make us a drink!!!!!” That was a good time for sure!

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