That Cheap? Stay Home

Posted: March 3, 2011 by divebardiva in Viva La Douche

Okay, I am adding this to the Viva la Douche section because I simply cannot believe that anyone but a douche could have pulled this move. Now as a side note, I would like to make absolutely clear that the words “Douchebag” “Douchenozzle” (thank you cousin Laura) or just plain “Douche” can apply to any gender, race, or religion. As long as you have douchy qualities…you, my friend, are a douche.

This submission was passed on to me by one of my very lovely bartender friends “Bridge”

Customer: Can I have a coke?

Bridge: Sure, would you like a menu to order something to eat?

Customer: Let me ask you something?

Bridge: Yeah sure.

Customer: Is there a window or something that I can order from and pick up my food there? You see I want something to eat but I really don’t want to have to tip anyone.

Bridge: Uh no there really isn’t anything like that at our restaurant.

Really? Really? You know what cheap ass? You wanna fucking window? There are three of them within spitting distance and they are called Culvers, Arby’s and Taco Fucking Johns. You passed by them ALL on the way here douchebag!

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