4 Drag Queens, the Hearing Impaired, and an Invisible Goddess

Posted: March 4, 2011 by divebardiva in Daily Ramblings

Ah yes, we at Bar Trash love it when our faithful readers send in their own harrowing tales of just another night on the job…I have not had the pleasure of dining in my Cousin Laura’s fine establishment. But after this little tidbit, it is on the schedule for this summer fo sho! I plan to find a friend with a motorcycle and we can call it the “Lil bit o’crazy” tour. From Cousin Laura:

To sum up my shift last night: 4 drag queens (Liza, Marilyn, Cher and Audrey) were arguing about who was the most “manly”… a table of 6 hearing-impaired people (try taking that dinner order) … and to top it off, our local unmedicated schizophrenic came in with his “date”… but we couldn’t see her because she is a goddess… Just a typical Thursday in the biz. ugh.

Thank you Cuz for my morning laugh…and starting my day with 4 of my favorite things…drag queen, drag queen, drag queen and drag queen.

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