A Small Thanks to the Hotlanta Professionals Who Kept the Party Pumpin…

Posted: April 6, 2011 by divebardiva in Daily Ramblings

Okay people, first of all let me apologize for my lack of vacation posts. I wanted to get an ipad before I left as I was clearly way too drunk to post anything from Vodka Toxic’s iphone. I mean I can barely get that done in a sober state and while on vacation, sobriety is not something I am afflicted by.

Now I have so many posts saved up from my trip it is ridiculous. We actually had some scandalous drunken fun and talked to others who were pretty much rollin exactly the same way.

I have to say first and foremost, that this post is for all the bartenders and waitstaff who were gorgeous, served us with a smile, entertained the crap out of us and tolerated our extreme drunkenness. So here goes. My apologies for forgetting some of the names, but it was quite a visit.

R Thomas
To the peeps who served me, thank you for being adorable and sweet and bringing me mimosa after mimosa, breakfast quesadilla and home fries and lots of paper to write my first Atlanta blog post.

Read it here:

Mellow Mushroom
To our very cute waiter at Mellow Mushroom in Brookhaven…thank you, thank you, thank you for recognizing us as professionals and keeping the beer coming in kind. You were a funny, smart talker and I am pretty sure those shots were your idea, but if they weren’t I am blaming you anyway 🙂

Check it out at:

To Angela and Allen from Aja…the service was impeccable, and I was quite happy that we were behaved enough that Kiki did not have to make an appearance. The food was absolutely stellar and Allen, I am picky about my bartenders (I mean really picky), and you were a fucking rockstar! Thank you for putting up with us.

Experience aja at:

[Sidenote: Thank you police officer because, although the lights and the sirens were not necessary, the fact that my friend kept promising you I would make out with you, and you still didn’t arrest us was really pretty cool on your part. And by the way, we got “pulled over” while walking, not driving.]

Highland Tap
Chris and Tom J. at The Highland Tap. Well, what can I say, again great service, my mimosa never went dry. I love love love The Tap. It is one of my favorite bars in the world.

It is the perfect “I have a hangover from hell and need a dark bar with lighting that makes me look like a 29 year old” bar. And exactly what I needed after our night at Aja.

I like the fact that we got day and night bartender love (because yes, we were there that long) and that Tom J., one of the best bartenders I know, came in at 5:30 making me one happy bitch. We were WELL taken care of, and I was reminded once again why for 15+ years it has been one of my favorite bars on the planet.

You MUST visit:

To Ryan from Twist…our last night was made all the more lovely by your great service and fantastic sushi. Loved your bar, loved you…nuff said!

See it at:

Sam Adams Bar
And finally, Johnny and Syreeta from Sam Adams bar at the A concourse in the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. Thank you for helping me survive an 8-hour tour at the ATL.

Although I am pretty sure you are both the devil (because it’s hard to say no to a cute smiley bartender) for offering up shots and doubles for 3 bucks more…but I will let it slide since it seems like part of your job. My sandwich was great, a cold glass with my beer every time and the fact that you were just so damn cute made a very long day at the airport a lot more pleasant.

So, kudos to everyone who dealt with our drunk asses whilst on vacation. Our trip was made all the better for your involvement in it. We here at Bar Trash pride ourselves in knowing and recognizing the best bar people on the planet and you my friends have made that list in spades!

Thank you for making our food and alcohol dreams come true…you fucking rock!

  1. tommy says:

    i would like to thank all the bartenders(and katy) that didn t cut me off because i probably should have been. also i need to thank renee and katy for helping me get around and feeding me and kim for going drink for drink with me all day, good times!

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