Here’s To The Cute Boy Bus…

Posted: April 11, 2011 by divebardiva in Daily Ramblings

Okay people here’s the deal. Most of the time in my profession, and especially at the bars I have chosen to work, there can be a shortage of cute boys. Point in fact, we used to bet which bus was going to break down in front of the bar, the ass clown bus or the cute boy bus. In the four years I worked at that bar, I was only wrong once. And guess which bus I ALWAYS chose?

That’s right people, ass clown.

I was convinced that the cute boy bus was just an anomaly, a freak accident that one could only be blessed with once in a lifetime. Then on Saturday it happened, you couldn’t swing a dead cat and not hit 42 hotties in that bar. They just kept coming in — one after the other — like some hot guy runway show.

I looked around the bar wondering what I had done to get so damn lucky and I noticed something…every other girl in the bar was sitting there thinking the exact same thing. You could see it on their faces. They were mentally checking their karma calendars and trying to figure out what they had recently done right.

It just kept getting better and better when at least 90% of said hotties were polite and tipped well. It was almost as if the hot-guy fairy just landed at my workplace and rewarded me for all of my good bar behavior over all the years. I didn’t know whether to cry and hug her or kiss her on the mouth. I love you hot-guy fairy…I truly do.

I also had a shortage of general jackasses, which for a Saturday night is quite a bit to ask for and receive. I had one dumbass that had to be escorted from the building, but my vice like grip on his arm was indication enough that I was done with his shenanigans — and it was time for his Saturday night dance party to come to an abrupt halt. There was also no shortage of friends and fellow bar folk including they, who I lovingly call, ‘my drunken whores’.

So, thank you cute-boy fairy and to everyone who came out as well behaved, hard drinkin, big tippin sonsabitches! The divebardiva cannot express enough how great it is to have fantastic customers and a great place to work…it doesn’t always work that way, and you can trust me on that one.

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  1. Susie says:

    OMGAWD!!! That’s it!! I’m moving to where divebardiva lives!! I believe when you say it doesn’t always work that way, but damnit, I have never, ever, even come close to a cute-boy fairy!! And you know me, I’ve hung out in a few bars, no contest when it comes to you of course. You are a lucky woman Ms. DB Diva!!

  2. divebardiva says:

    Yay…move by me! Or maybe I will come to you and the cute-boy fairy will follow me 🙂 Hope to see you guys in July…I miss you!

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