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Posted: April 15, 2011 by divebardiva in Q&A: Ask Your Bartender

Okay people, one of the many questions that we have received in our  “Ask Your Bartender”  segment is if we at Bar Trash have any good toasts to use for special occasions and the like. I have done a little research on the subject and have found five wonderful toasts to which I will add a special favorite that Vodka Toxic and I created at a little rock n roll bar called MacGruders back in the day and a list of ‘cheers’ in many languages.

***Now our toast should clearly only be used in a drunken reverie with any or all of your drunky-pants co-horts. It should NOT be used for wedding toasts or any family events such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

“May you live as long as you like, And have all you like as long as you live.”

“May we kiss whom we please, And please whom we kiss.”

“Some friends wish you happiness, and others wish you wealth – But I wish you the best of all – contentment blessed with health!”

“May you always work like you don’t need money; May you always love like you’ve never been hurt; and may you always dance like there’s nobody watching.”

“Here’s wishing you more happiness, Than all my words can tell, Not just alone for Christmas, But for all the year as well.”

A few from around the country: First up is country, then spelling and finally, how it is pronounced.
Bulgarian Наздраве Naz-dra-vey
Chinese (Mandarin) 干杯
gān bēi
Gan bay
Danish Skål Skoal
Finnish Kippis Kip-piss
French Santé /
A la votre
Sahn-tay /
Ah la vo-tre
Galician Salud Saw-lood
German Prost /
Zum wohl
Prohst /
Tsum vohl
Greek ΥΓΕΙΑ Yamas
Hawaiian Å’kålè ma’luna Okole maluna
Hebrew לחיים L’chaim
Irish Gaelic Sláinte Slawn-cha
Italian Salute /
Cin cin
Saw-lutay /
Chin chin
Japanese 乾杯
Kanpai (Dry the glass)
Russian Будем здоровы/
На здоровье
Budem zdorovi/
Na zdorovie
Spanish Salud Sah-lud
Swedish Skål Skawl
Thai Chok dee Chok dee
And last but certainly not least, the official toast of Bar Trash! Carefully preserved in not only memory but on bar napkins from the very night it was written lo these twenty years ago. Also, although it was written from a girls point of view, it can be substituted for use by men and or lesbians 🙂
“Here’s to the men with beautiful hair
Skin that’s dark and skin that’s fair
Here’s to the men with flawless butts
Nines and tens that drive us nuts.
Here’s to the men with a taste for passion
Between the sheets they keep us thrashin
Here’s to the men we wanna do
And if he’s got a good lookin friend
We’ll do him too!”
So that’s it folks. A toast for every occasion. I hope you enjoyed the list and please feel free to commit ours to memory as we would like it to travel the globe in a drinking frenzy so make that shit happen people!
With love and liquor,
divebardiva and The Birthday Girl…Miss Vodka Toxic (A toast to V.T. and her birthday bash with Tippy Hedren and the Asian Sensation)

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