Don’t Be A Sheep…

Posted: June 23, 2011 by divebardiva in Daily Ramblings

Okay people here’s how it’s shaping up today…

First of all, last Sunday being Fathers Day was a little … bittersweet. My Pops taught me a lot of what I know in regards to people, bartending and bars in general so I tend to think of him a lot during holidays — particularly Father’s Day.

I really wasn’t in the mood to work this Sunday especially after the ridiculousness of the weekend and my new found ability to do all of the things I love best. I may have overdone things a bit (as I have a tendency to do).

As is the norm, the one day I really wanted off is a day that everyone else already had plans. So, being the trooper that I am, I sucked it up and trotted my happy ass into work. Well I was bound and determined to be a crabby non-drinking bitch for the evening and wallow in my little sad sack. However, when you work at a cool joint like mine, sometimes feeling sorry for yourself is not in the program.

I walked in to find two of my faves (for these purposes we shall call them Blondie and The Beast) happily sitting at the bar. It was the last day of their vacation and like most of us…they were holding on to that last day like grim death. I have to say that being in a bad mood around happy people is almost impossible. Being in a bad mood around Blondie and The Beast just ain’t happenin. Period.

So, in general the night goes off without a hitch. And although it was a long night full of lovelies, and I made some fat cash, there always has to be one dumbass who fucks it up for everyone.

Now if you know me at all, you know I love me some bikers. They are great tippers, good drinkers and — I’m not gonna lie — I like to ride. However, if you have to be a sheep to get a vest or whatever the fuck you’re wearing, then it just makes you weak. If you can’t form your own opinions about things and just do what some big hairy tattooed guy tells you to do, then that just makes you someone’s bitch.

I had a cute little customer the other night who was wearing a hat. Some bikers didn’t like the way the hat was positioned on his head and — because he was 22 and looked like he posed no threat — they decided to be dicks. Seriously, you outweigh this kid by at least 100 lbs. He was just here trying to have a good time, and you’re being a complete douche.

  • Does it make you feel like a man?
  • Do you feel oh-so-cool and scary?
  • Don’t be a hater, ya fuckin ass.

Of course, this kid charmed his way into these dumbasses’ good graces by knowing more about cars than any kid his age ever should. At the end of the night, he was takin rides in hot rods and glad handin the haters like old friends.

Don’t judge. Don’t be an assclown. Don’t hate. People are just bein who they are. And most times, once you get to know that person, who they are is pretty fucking cool.

With love and all the liquor you can ingest,

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