You Ask, We Answer: Big Bar Tabs and Vegas Getaways

Posted: June 30, 2011 by VT in Q&A: Ask Your Bartender

Okay, people … divebardiva here. It’s time for our favorite regular column: Ask Your Bartender! This is when you ask the questions and I tell it like it is. Like I’ve said before: My life may be a disaster but I give the best advice on the planet. 😉 So bring it!

Let’s get to this week’s questions:

Q: What’s the biggest bar tab you’ve seen?

A: Well … I work at dive bars (aka home of the $3 draft beer). So I don’t see the $10,000 bar tabs you might get for a night of  bottle service at a South Beach club. However, I did a party once where their bar tab was over $1500. That was just booze and just for a couple of hours. They tipped $400 and then one of the customers palmed me another hundo, kissed me on the cheek and told me I was amazing. Great party!

Q: Have you ever had a customer who couldn’t pay their tab? What did you do?

A: Oh, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it all. And this situation certainly happens on occasion. Sometimes it’s the bank’s fault (or so the customer claims) and sometimes it’s the customer’s bad.

Look, times are tough. And maybe you’re not sure how much fundage is available on your card. So here’s whatcha do: Ask the bartender to run it before the first round … and then each round afterward … rather than run up a huge tab and then have problems at the end.

Now back to the question at hand — when customers can’t pay, we keep your credit card, hold your tab and expect you to pay it the following day.

Q: You mentioned Vegas in a previous post. What are your favorite places to party?

A: I saved the best question for last! I love, love, love, LOVE Vegas. I love everything about it.

Now on our last birthday trip out there, we hit the Palms and did a Moon, Ghost Bar and Playboy Club trifecta. Other than quite possibly being drugged by some less-than-stellar Europeans, I had THE best time at all of the previously mentioned.

If you’re planning a trip out there, I have a bomb-diggity tip for ya. Miss Vodka Toxic — being quite the planner that she is — totally hooked us up at the Palms with VIP entry and no cover charge at all three of these clubs. She hates lines, waiting and paying to party.

So how’d she do it? All you need to do is an Internet search for “free Vegas club passes.” There are a ton of promoters out there who are paid to get groups of girls in the clubs. We had our token Homorita with us, but since we were a large group of almost all girls, the promoter hooked us up. We didn’t pay a cent and saved $80 in cover charges … and we didn’t have to wait in line. There is no cost for this service, so if someone asks for a credit card or some sort of payment online, don’t do it.

Now on my birthday trip, we were staying at the Golden Nugget. On the last day, we found this great little Irish Bar nearby right on Freemont. The name of the place was Hennessey’s. And the staff was … in a word … fanfuckingtastic! This was the bar that actually cured me of my day-after-drugging and also contributed to Pretty’s now famous, Vegas Cutoff! This is a prime example of people making a place. I will return to this bar every time I am in Vegas without question.

One last tip: In Paris, there’s a little wine bar in the front of the outside restaurant. It’s a wonderful place for a 5 p.m. glass of vino and … if you ask … they will bring you warm brie and crackers. It’s not on the menu — you have to request it. Then you can step outside and view the Bellagio fountains. Heaven.

Have fun this weekend. Get buzzed, get lucky and get home safely.

Love and Liquor,

What are your favorite Vegas haunts? Let us know by replying to this post!

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