You Ask, We Answer: Playing Dress Up and Bubblegum Shots

Posted: July 8, 2011 by divebardiva in Q&A: Ask Your Bartender

Okay people, here’s where it’s at today. Let’s all rejoice as today is one of your favorites and mine … wait for it … “Ask Your Bartender” featuring yours truly, the divebardiva.

Now we all know why this is my favorite — yeah, cause I’m lazy. And I’m pretty sure you like it cause you’re trapped at work on a Friday with nothing better to do than read my blog, pray for the end of the day and daydream about some serious weekend fun.

So let’s get started as I would like to get my ass to the beach as it is a BEAUTIFUL day in the Great White North.

Q: The theme nights at your bar sound cool. What are some of the best costumes you’ve seen or worn?

A: Okay, this is actually a good question and a fun little walk down memory lane for me. My recent favorite was when me and my sister dressed up as Bat Girl and Super Girl for Superhero Night. Total hotness.

I think I must secretly want to be a superhero. Because another of my favorites was when one of my best girls and I dressed up as X-rated superheros for Halloween at the NYC bar where we worked. I was Betty Blowjob, and she was Vicki Vibrator. (The photo from that night will be seen on the cover of my book, “Strangers Have The Best Candy.”)

One of my favorite customers, First&Last, came as Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter to a recent bar event. And honestly, he looked just like him.

Incognito night at my current locale was a blast with 62% showing up dressed as one of our regular female customers — including the hair scrunchy she sports. My wingman Maverick showed up at that event as me, the divebardiva, and called everyone douchebags. I also loved Ginger Ninja and friends dressed as Mario, Luigi and Company.

Next theme night? 80’s Night! The spandex and Aqua Net should be at toxic levels.

Q: Would you rather be served an amazing drink by an awful bartender or an awful drink by an amazing bartender?

A: First of all, this is a trick question because amazing bartenders typically don’t serve awful drinks. But just for the sake of argument, let’s just say a bartender I loved could not make a martini that I loved.

This actually does happen sometimes, and it doesn’t deplete their awesomeness one bit as far as I am concerned. I love a good drink … don’t get me wrong. But I cannot abide an awful bartender no matter how damn good that drink is.

I can always just switch to beer and tequila and call it a day. You can’t, however, turn an unwilling bartender into someone interesting, fun, smart, entertaining or sweet. And that’s just how I fuckin roll, my friends.

Q: (From Vodka Toxic herself) The last time we partied together, you had the bartender make us a shot that tasted like bubble gum. Deeeelish! What’s the shot, and how do you make it?

A: Ah yes, the Bazooka Joe. This little lovely is made in a bomb cup with Bacardi Limon and grenadine in the center and Red Bull on the outside. My bestie Vanilla Iceman makes a version that is so frickin delicious you wanna cry. So I shall stalk her this weekend and get her special recipe.

Have a great weekend, peeps!

All my love and liquor,
the divebardiva

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