I’ll Drug Myself, Thank You…

Posted: August 3, 2011 by divebardiva in Daily Ramblings

Okay people, here’s what’s happenin in the world of frivolity and booze today. Think of this as my personal public service message to all of you who think that just because you drink in a small town — and not the big city — that there are not people who will put shit in your drink.

This has happened to me twice and once was in the City of Sin and the other was a random night in Clown Town. Now I have to say that I am a girl who knows my limits. I may not always abide by them, but the line for me is always clear as I am nothing if not a professional. I have had my wild years of drugs and alcohol and in the end I kept one vice and decided to leave the rest by the river.

I do not judge if illicit substances is your deal. Last time I checked, this was still a free country. And although the legalities sometimes make it difficult, if it floats your boat … go right ahead. I decided that those out-of-control feelings have to be in a very controlled environment for them to be enjoyable.

However, having a reaction to things has always happened very quickly for me. The night I was drugged at my old workplace (I was off work thankfully) I realized that something was wrong and left immediately. Unfortunately, the drive home was 45 minutes.

I made it home with little more than a few dips into the emergency lane and proceeded to pass out for 13 hours. The next morning I felt like someone hit me with a hammer and I had consumed 1 shot and a couple beers. Those who know me understand that this is very little by my professional standards.

Vegas was a similar situation. We had been drinking for a few days in celebration of my birthday. Tolerance was sky high and not one shot was consumed by me all night. I did, however, accept a drink from a VIP table. Huge rookie mistake … and one I shall not make again. We can all be sure of that. As I was with all of my best girls and best homo when I said “I have got to go,” they were right behind me.

I was laid up for a full 24 hours and part of my last day as well. Know your limits people and if you start to feel weird…get to gettin. I was lucky but sometimes people are not. Sometimes these situations have disastrous results. Look out for each other when you go out. Don’t let one limpy gazelle stray from the herd. There are lions waiting in the tall grass.

On a completely separate note, this Saturday marked not only our 80’s night fully equipped with my sister — 5 Dog Fabulous — and ALL of my drunken whores but also a fond farewell to a good friend who is heading with her fabulous hubby, to my old stomping grounds. I feel some nostalgic Atlanta posts coming on.

With love and liquor,

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