Ho Ho Ho and Humpday Gameshow…

Posted: November 30, 2011 by divebardiva in Daily Ramblings

Okay people, here is what the hell is goin on in these parts…the results for Humpday Gameshow are in and ya’ll suck! No one knew all of the correct answers although most of you only missed one. Being the crafty bitch that I am I threw you off with question 2 by writing what I wanted to do ‘tell her to fuck off and gimme $22′ …and then the much nicer…’let the dumb bitches pay separately’ which is what actually occurred. I will be drawing a name from all who played and got 3 right and will contact you about sizes and whatnot.

Since things at the casa and work place have been quite chaotic being the holidays and everyones birthday PLUS Vodka Toxic and my annual December trip…I thought I would make a divabardiva list of things that I am truly thankful for this season…Bar Trash style of course.

So hold on tight peeps…it may be a bumpy ride.

1. For good girlfriends, and for the ones who still stab me in the back for no reason making me appreciate my good ones all that much more.

2. For my lovely customers…the ones without whom I could not pay my bills and may also be too damn bitter to bartend even one more day.

3. To many of my favorite co-workers past and present. I have learned, laughed and loved more than any person has the right to. Also joining me in my bitterness and getting absolutely shit hammered on a regular work basis is nothin to sneeze at!

4. For safety meetings.

5. For the cute boy bus.

6. For happy hour “ginger ales”, rodients, Cher and Soap Opera Sundays.

7. For Piano Man karaoke style.

8. For boobs boobs boobs and more boobs, ladies night and otherwise.

9. For Matthew McConaughey and getting kissed on the mouth by sweet Victoria’s Secret models.

10. For the simple fact that Old Man Bars continue to flourish because some people hate fucking flair just as much as I do.

11. For the bars that I have met some of the best friends I have ever had…Penta, Roxy, Vortex, Hogs and Heifers, Hog Pit, Red Light, Rodeo, River Inn, Rj’s, Alley and Ridgewood Bay…without all of these places I would be less 50 friends that I feel more than honored to have…of course my liver would be in better shape and I would have less scars.

12. For fleet week.

13. For 24 hour gay bars and drag queens.

14. For green Dos Equis, white tequila, and red wine. Who am I kidding…beer, wine and tequila…in all their forms!

15. For bars where you can still get a smart talkin hottie that doesn’t have to kiss your ass while they are serving it.

16. For bar owners who recognize a professional and let them do pretty much whatever the fuck they want.

17. For birthday traditions like drinking shots out of an inflatable farm animals ass!

18. For a few places in NYC where you can still get a PBR or longneck Bud for under $5.

19. For great barbacks and kitchen peeps that keep a place runnin.

20. For the best bar where I currently work and someday “god willing” hope to retire from and move to the tropics.

So that’s it for today peeps again I shall promise booze and hookers in the afterlife if ya get a few peeps to sign up for this mess!

With love and liquor,


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