About the Trash Talkers

Welcome. Somehow you stumbled into our little “hole in the web,” and we’re damn glad you’re here. This isn’t a classy joint … there’s no velvet rope, cover charge or snarling bouncer. Just a group of friends who have spent years working behind the bar and, more importantly, drinking and partying in the finest dives all over the country.

So let’s introduce ourselves:

The divebardiva: I’ve been bartending for more than 20 years. Every venue from a high-class Atlanta hotel rooftop bar to a New York dive famous for bitchiness and bras. And I’ve seen things that would make your momma blush. And I’m gonna tell it like it is. Uncensored and uncomfortable.

Vodka Toxic: I’ve slung a few drinks at a Mexican restaurant with a roach problem. And I’ve served cocktails to executive pricks at a concierge lounge. But my real claim to fame is that I’m a true bar connoiseur. A fancy way of saying bar trash. From the Atlanta and Miami club scene to the best dive bars in the country. I’m pretty much at home anywhere there’s a bar and booze.

We’re also fortunate to have a crew of contributors — bartenders, servers and even DJs — to help keep our content fresh and exciting.

So what can you expect from Bar Trash? Hilarious, true-life customer stories, bartender rants, bar reviews and recommendations, kick-ass cocktail recipes, cringe-worthy pickup lines — and anything and everything else we’re in the mood to share.

But don’t let us do all the work. We want to hear about your drunken mayhem. And if you’re a bartender, this is the place to let it all hang out. No filters. Let loose and tell it like it is. We promise we’ll understand. Click on “Submit Your Shit” and tell us all about it.

Here’s to the next round. Cheers!

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